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-Anna, the Blacksmith
-Sigmond, the Alchemist
-Nicholas, the Arcanist
-Serena, the Sage
-Akiko, the Commander

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Active quests:

Sigmond’s Cauldron
Sigmond left his cauldron in Bulwark’s nearby mausoleum, which has been overrun by undead while he was at working processing the moss found inside. He can’t make any potions or alchemical supplies until his cauldron is retrieved!

Nicholas’ Spelling Needle
Nicholas can’t weave enchantments into items without his magic Spelling Needle. Unfortunately, some pesky vermin have snatched it from him and retreated in the direction of a nearby cave.

History of Heroes
Serena knows a lot of lore about the Dungeonlands, but much useful information is locked inside tomes that Dungeonlanders make themselves. She suspects that a nearby tower contains writings on strategies that the Dungeonlanders will use against this century’s heroes. This tower will likely strain the prowess of any starting group of heroes, so make sure to be prepared. If you bring back any texts, Serena will begin work on translation and divining information from them to help the cause.

This is also a level-up quest.

Quest History
Anna’s Hammer
Anna’s hammer was stolen by a roving band of bandits. If you retrieve it, she will be able to make masterworks again.

You defeated the bandits and recovered the hammer, as well as the autograpple.

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